Sunday, March 23, 2008

Guest Appearance

As I wasn't booked for a wedding this weekend I decided to accept a long standing invitation from my friend and fellow wedding photographer, Klarke Caplin, to tag along on one of her weddings.

I was fortunate because this week Klarke was booked to photograph a large Sikh wedding in West London and I had never covered this kind of ceremony before.

As you can see, bridal outfits were very colourful with both the Bride and Groom wearing costumes with the traditional scarlet theme.

As with many religions, men and women must cover their heads once in the temple of worship. Sikh men use a triangle of material which is tied at the back of the head rather like a bandana. On some this can look quite cool, on others....

Thanks to Klarke for capturing this photograph of me looking like a stalker.

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