Monday, August 06, 2007

My Asian, African, Jewish, Christian Wedding...

A Sunday wedding this week; it was a sweltering 30c in London and although it's nice to have the sunny weather I couldn't help thinking that perhaps we could do with a bit of rain to ease the drought...

Anyway, Genevieve and Jason were married in the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists on the edge of Regents Park. We were lucky enough to enjoy two ceremonies; a civil ceremony, including the official register signing, preceded by a very unusual inter faith celebration. The couples Christian and Jewish backgrounds were both represented in the hour long service in which ministers from both faiths took part.

The cosmopolitan nature of the wedding was also emphasised by the different origins of the families; Genivieve and her family are from Hong Kong whilst Jason's roots are in South Africa.

The guests were fortunate enough to see the bride in three different dresses throughout the day (apparently there was a fourth as well!) whilst the Groom, rather conservatively, wore the same morning suit from start to finish.

More guests arrived in the evening to join in the dancing and enjoy a buffet that included a massive bowl of Haribo sweeties!

Did somebody say 'hosepipe ban'..?


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