Monday, August 28, 2006

Zoe and Jon - Hampshire

My second wedding of the weekend was in a small Hampshire Village called Broughton. Zoe and Jon held their reception in a marquee in Zoe's parent's garden.

The ceremony was a couple of miles away in the tiny St James' church in a hamlet called Bossington.

The church is situated some 150 yards from the main road and is accessed via a winding path. It is worth the walk as the church, although small is really cute; a bit like Kylie Minogue, I guess.

The minister was a friendly chap and was more than happy for photographs to be taken inside and outside the church.

So, without apology, this posting centres on the two highlights of the day for me; the church, certainly the prettiest I have seen for a while, and Zoe, who was definitely one of the more 'easy going' Brides i have worked with.

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