Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Ashes seem a long time ago...

On Friday I travelled down to Sussex on a fabulous August day to cover the wedding of Victoria and Andrew. Although they both live in Australia, Victoria is originally from the UK and and it was here that they decided to marry.

The venue for the day was Ravenswood Hotel in Sharpthorne which has 20 acres of it's own lawns and woodlands and the guests included many from Australia who had made the trip which was surprising given the usual Aussie reluctance to travel...

The couple had a civil ceremony that included a moment when they combined two viles of sand; one contained sand from Andrew's home town of Hampton, Melbourne and the other, sand from Hornsea in Yorkshire which is Victoria's family home.

I think some of the English guests were a little worried at first, thinking that this might be some kind of Aussie attempt to steal back the Ashes!

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