Sunday, December 09, 2007

Light and Day


The weather on Saturday really wasn't what you would hope for on the day of a wedding. Cold winds and driving rain welcomed me to Canterbury and continued throughout the day.
However, nobody seemed to have told the Bride and Groom, Hannah and Nick. At no point did I hear them mention the atrocious conditions; they both seemed blisfully unaware, caught up in what was, for all of us there, a fun day.

The wedding ceremony was held in the church at Hannah's old school, St Edmund's in Canterbury, where the Bride (wearing a gorgeous dress by Jenny Packham) and her father entered to the sound of 'Ice Dance' from the film 'Edward Scissorhands'.

The ceremony was kept very festive by the presence of a large Chrismas tree near the altar and also the singing of Christmas Carols (The First Noel and Silent Night) instead of the traditional wedding hymns.

The wedding reception was some 15 minutes away at Swarling Manor. Once again, despite the conditions outside everybody enjoyed themselves, having a party with great food provided by the caterers Daisy Daisy Events in the warmth of the marquee.

The tables were all named after movies and it was a song from a movie soundtrack that provided Mr and Mrs Liddle with their 'unorthodox' first dance; 'Light and Day' by the Polyphonic Spree which featured in the film 'The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'.
Well, after spending the day with these two I think I realised we weren't in for 'We've Only Just Begun....'


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