Sunday, November 25, 2007

Paul & Debbie Conti


Yesterday I photographed the wedding of Debbie and Paul in Central London.

We started at the Four Seasons Hotel in Canary Wharf which was not only the venue for the reception but also where the couple prepared for their day. As Paul, his Ushers and Best Men left for the church Debbie and the Bridesmaids were getting ready in their 6th floor suite which surely has some of the best views of any hotel in London!

Debbie's dress was designed by Maggie Sottero.

The ceremony was held at the beautifully lit St Peters Italian church in Clerkenwell and led by the very amusing Father Carmello. After the ceremony a fleet of London Buses and limousines ferried everybody back to the Four Seasons where the party began.

The tables were decorated with flowers the florist Neil Birks who also supplied the Bridal bouquet.

During the meal the excellent Three Waiters performed there unique show and after the wedding breakfast the DJ from Sliding Vinyl entertained the guests as they danced on the fab under lit dance floor.

Mr & Mrs Conti are off to Dubai tomorrow for a weeks honeymoon.



Deb's Mum & Dad said...

If these are typical, can't wait for the rest. They are fabulous.

Lloyd said...

Thanks Margaret and Ricky for your comments.
I choose the images that go on the blog fairly rapidly on the Sunday morning after a wedding.
The photographs that catch my eye are the ones that tend to get selected but once I have a chance to spend more time looking through the collection the other good images start to emerge.
I can tell you that there are some nice shots from inthe church and some good fun photographs that we captured during the speeches and the performance of The 3 Waiters.
The moment that Debbie and Paul have their prints in their hands then then you will be able to see them all online.
All the best

Debbie & Paul said...

Hey Lloyd

We're leaving this message from sunny Dubai as we couldn't resist having another look at the fantastic 'snaps' again!!

Really really can't wait to see all the others...

Mr & Mrs Conti

Lloyd said...

Hey Guys
it's good to hear from you and I'm glad that Dubai has a liitle more sun than London :-(
Get in touch when you are home and we can arrange a time for me to bring the photographs over to you.

Have fun!