Sunday, September 17, 2006

Arranged Marriage

According to the Bride's Father, Andy, this wedding was 'arranged' by the couple's parents. Nicky and Neill seemed blisfully unaware if this but, when informed, didn't seem to care anyway.

For the second week running i found myself in Sussex, this time near Eastbourne.
The ceremony was held at St Mary the Virgin church in Willingdon followed by a reception at Broyle Place, an Elizabethan Manor near Lewes. The weather was perfect for a wedding; dry, bright and not too hot.

The two Best Men gave a joint speech during which, to Neill's delight, they produced photographs of the Groom as a child looking very smart in various guises including a cowboy outfit and a dapper raincoat.

Nicky shares Neill's appreciation of fine Ale and there was plenty of their particular favourite, Harveys (a local brew, I believe) on offer.

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